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How to Create More Bathroom Storage Space

If you have a small bathroom and/or a large family, storage space is at a premium. Without a solid organizational system, a bathroom can quickly become cluttered. Items that belong in the bathroom may get shoved into other closets, which can make finding things a hassle. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the available space in your bathroom and find more room for storage: Keep Toilet Paper and Towels Within Reach A wheeled cart can provide much-needed storage space, especially if it has two or three shelves. Use one or two to keep toilet paper and towels close by, and store some frequently used toiletries on top. Another option is to find an attractive basket that will fit on top of the toilet and fill it with extra rolls of toilet paper. You can also roll up or fold towels and place them in baskets under the sink if you don’t have a vanity. Take Advantage of Empty Wall Space If you have some unoccupied space on a wall, make the most of it by hanging shelves. Stack a few shelves, and keep items you frequently use easily accessible and things you use less often higher but still within reach. You can also mount decorative baskets on the walls to store extra toiletries. Utilize Available Space Under the Sink If your bathroom has a vanity under the sink, you can place storage caddies there to keep things organized in an awkwardly shaped space. If your sink doesn’t have a vanity, the area under the sink can be an ideal spot to place a stack of drawers. They can be used for towels, toiletries and hair-styling tools to keep everything within easy reach but out of the way. Organize Makeup So Items Are Easy to Find If you own a large assortment of makeup and have trouble finding the eyeliner or lipstick you want, organize everything on a Lazy Susan. That will make it simple to find what you need on a busy morning and keep your makeup from cluttering drawers. Create More Storage Space in the Shower If you don’t have enough room for shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower, you can make more storage space by mounting a rod next to a wall in the shower. Hang one or more storage caddies to keep things organized and easily accessible. Hide Items From View If your bathroom has a medicine cabinet or full-length mirror with a door that opens outward, use the area behind it to your advantage. Install some shelves to create hidden storage space. Explore New Ways to Use Limited Space A cluttered and disorganized bathroom can make hectic mornings even more stressful and lead to conflicts between family members. If you’re struggling to keep your bathroom organized, try some of these simple, inexpensive and effective strategies to create more storage space.


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