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Maintaining Your Lawn During the Summer Heat

Adjust your grass-cutting technique for the summer season to prevent dehydration. Utilizing a lawn mower for summer yard care. The peak of summer often ushers in high temperatures and occasional strong storms that could potentially harm your property.

Listed below are three tasks that will contribute to the vitality of both your yard and home:

#1 Opt for Higher Mowing
Elevate your mower blade settings: maintain a height of 3 inches or more for cool-season lawns, and around 2 to 3 inches for warm-season varieties. Wondering why? Longer grass blades offer a degree of shade, assisting your lawn in retaining moisture. This translates to saved time and reduced water usage.

Moreover, leave the clippings behind as they serve to cool and nourish the grass. This practice not only benefits the lawn but also cuts down on expenses by eliminating the need for commercial fertilizers.

#2 Prune Away Damaged Branches
Pile of pruned and damaged branches beside the road.

Prior to the onset of summer storms, which can turn weak branches into projectiles capable of damaging your home, it's advisable to trim any dead or diseased branches. Preventing severe property damage and the need for insurance claims is a shared goal.

#3 Enhance Mulch Coverage
Tree surrounded by summer mulch.

Boost the mulch layer around trees and shrubs to maintain their vigor and lushness. This additional layer aids in root moisture retention during scorching summer days. The investment of effort pays off as healthy trees enhance your property's value while simultaneously reducing cooling expenses.


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