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Concerned About Home Maintenance Costs? Consider This

If you're hesitant to buy a home due to worries about upkeep, here's some useful information about newly built homes versus existing ones.

Newly Built Homes Require Less Upfront Maintenance
If it's within your budget, a newly built home might alleviate your maintenance concerns. Since everything is brand new, there’s minimal wear and tear, reducing the likelihood of immediate repairs.

Existing Homes Have Their Own Advantages
However, it's not just new homes that offer maintenance peace of mind. Existing homes can come with warranties too. Your agent can negotiate with the seller to include a home warranty as part of your contract. If the seller isn’t willing, you have the option to purchase one yourself.

A home warranty can provide reassurance, and your agent will work on your behalf to see if the seller can cover it. Keep in mind, this depends on your local market conditions.

Should You Buy New or Existing?
While new homes offer the benefit of less upfront maintenance, existing homes provide unique advantages. They often have more character and charm, mature landscaping, and established communities. These features can make an older home feel more inviting. On the other hand, new construction may require waiting for completion depending on its stage.

Bottom Line
Whether you opt for a new or existing home, a home warranty can help ease maintenance concerns. Discuss your options and priorities with a real estate professional to make the best decision for your situation.


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