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Why visit Guam during this holiday season?

In some ways, the way Guam celebrates Christmas differs from traditional customs and legend. Guam celebrates the holiday season with a Christmas Fiesta. Many different meals are shared, ranging from desserts such as Roskette (similar to a shortbread cookie) and Latiya (sponge cake topped with vanilla pudding and a sprinkle of cinnamon) to Chicken Empanadas and a wide variety of savory stews!

While some Christmas traditions have been adapted for life on a resort island, others, such as Christmas lights and holiday displays, have remained unchanged and are eagerly anticipated each year by local families and children. If you're in Guam during the holiday season, make sure to check out these popular annual holiday-themed displays and have a "Island Christmas" experience. Felis Påsgua!  Merry Christmas! The Christmas Fiesta, a day when people gather to sing, dance, and eat together in celebration, is the most popular holiday tradition in Chammoro culture. The Cha Cha is a popular dance in Chammoro culture, and it is a fun way for people to get together and have a good time!

Tumon Christmas Village

The Guam Visitors Bureau's Tumon Christmas Village is one of Guam's most popular holiday illuminations. The village is known for its grand displays and amusing characters that are both entertaining and fun to photograph.


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